Understanding What Women Want During Childbirth


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Understanding the different needs of each of the 3.9 million moms giving birth in US hospitals each year is a daunting task,西奈雪松vwin手机网的研究者们正在研究它。

Despite childbirth being the most common reason for hospital admission,little work has been done to find out what women want when delivering their babies.点击鸣叫

Dr.Kimberly D.Gregory,a maternal-fetal medicine specialist,正在领导这项指控。She and her team have already completed a national survey and live focus groups with women.

Their next step is to survey women at 9 hospitals in Southern California to determine if women's needs vary based on the type of facility they choose when they give birth.

"我们的最终目标是向医院提供切实可行的建议,告诉他们在生孩子时如何确定女性想要什么,并与她们一起工作以满足她们的愿望,"Dr.Gregory says.

Despite childbirth being the most common reason for hospital admission,little work has been done to find out what women want when delivering their babies.

What they've learned so far:

Women have different needs around breastfeeding

Some moms are breastfeeding pros,having done it before.其他人做了他们的研究,认为母乳喂养对他们不起作用。一些妇女正在医院里寻找她们的护理团队,帮助她们把握利弊。

了解这些偏好很重要。For example,a woman who cannot or doesn't want to breastfeed may interpret visits from a lactation specialist as unwanted pressure.

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"Breastfeeding is personal,"says Samia Saeb,研究的临床研究协调员。"Some women want to,有些人没有。其他人真的很想,but for whatever reason,can't make it happen.They can have all sorts of negative emotions around that.It's helpful to note a woman's breastfeeding wishes in her chart.That way,it's addressed.""

Not all women want to leave the hospital right away

Some women want to go home right away.Other women value the extra time and support from nurses and lactation specialists that a longer hospital stay allows.First-time moms especially may want the expert help while they gain confidence taking care of their new babies.

Women have different needs around managing their pain

Some women,尤其是那些以前没生过孩子的人,may not know their pain threshold.他们中的一些人希望在决定硬膜外麻醉前知道自己对宫缩有多好的处理。

Epidural anesthesia is the most common method of pain relief during labor.It blocks pain to the lower part of the body,and is delivered through a thin tube inserted just outside the membrane surrounding the spinal cord.

"分娩教育者认为,当有人受伤或接受手术时,我们使用的不是疼痛等级,we should be asking,‘How well are you coping with your pain?'"Dr.Gregory says."That's a different frame of reference.""

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Women need room to move

Some of the changes are easily implemented,like giving women the option to move around or change positions during labor.A birthing stool or birthing ball is portable and easily storable and it gives women the chance to find a position that's more comfortable.

Having a childbirth plan can help

Many women have a birth plan,and hospitals often provide them,like theChoices in Childbirth[PDF] form vwin手机网Cedars-Sinai uses.These can act as a guide to get you thinking about what you want from your birth experience,so you're prepared to communicate clearly with your care team.

At the same time,prioritize what is most important to you and be flexible."Be careful,"Dr.Gregory says."Having too many preferences on your list can set you up for disappointment.""

清晰的沟通和仔细考虑的计划是一个良好的开端。Dr.Gregory and her colleagues hope that,in time,他们将帮助医院建立智能的程序,使分娩经验适合每个妇女的需要。

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Maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr.Kimberly D.Gregory is leading the charge to study what women want from their childbirth experience.

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